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What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is used to diagnose and treat speech and communication issues. It is carried out by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), sometimes known as speech therapists. It enables you to communicate your ideas and others’ aspect of what they want to convey. Additionally, it can enhance cognitive abilities including memory and problem-solving ability.

Communication is improved via speech therapy approaches. Depending on the type of speech or language issue, these could include language exercises, articulation therapy, and others.

Speech disorders that start in childhood or difficulties in speech in adults brought on by an illness or accident, such as a brain injury or stroke, may require speech therapy.

Who is a speech therapist?

University-trained professionals known as speech-language pathologists (SLPs) prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat impairments of speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing in both children and adults.

When does someone need speech therapy?

Speech therapy can be used to treat a variety of speech and language issues.

Articulation problems

 The inability to correctly produce particular word sounds is known as an articulation disorder. The sounds for the words of a child with this speech impairment may drop, switch, distort, or add. Saying “thith” rather than “this” is an example of a word being distorted.

Disorders with fluency

The rhythm, pace, and flow of speech are all impacted by a fluency issue. The fluency disorders cluttering and stuttering. When speaking, a person who stutters may have problems getting out a sound, have speech that is stopped or blocked, or repeat a word in part. 

Resonance disorder

When the vibrations responsible for voice quality are altered due to a blockage or obstruction of normal airflow in the nasal or oral canals, this is known as a resonance disorder. The velopharyngeal valve’s improper closure is another possibility. Neurological conditions, large tonsils, and cleft palate are frequently linked to resonance abnormalities.

Receptive dysfunction

Receptive language impairment affects a person’s ability to comprehend and process language. This may make you appear indifferent when someone is speaking, make it difficult for you to understand what someone is saying, or limit your vocabulary. A receptive language issue can be brought on by other language disorders, autism, hearing loss, and head trauma.

Expressivity problems

 Information conveyed or expressed poorly is a symptom of expressive language impairment. If you struggle to compose complete sentences—for example, by employing the wrong verb tense—you may have an expressive issue. It is connected to developmental disabilities like hearing loss and Down syndrome. Injuries to the head or a medical condition might also cause it.


The ability to talk and understand people is affected by this acquired communication problem. Also frequently impacted are a person’s reading and writing skills. Aphasia can be caused by a variety of different brain illnesses, but strokes are by far the most frequent cause.


Due to weakness or an inability to control the muscles needed for speaking, this disorder is characterized by sluggish or slurred speech. Most frequently, nervous system ailments and diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and stroke are to blame for facial paralysis or throat and tongue weakness.

Speech Therapy for Adults in Pune

Depending on the speech impairment, your child’s speech therapy may be provided one-on-one, in a small group, or in a classroom setting. Depending on your child’s illness, age, and demands there are several speech therapy exercises and activities. 

As part of language intervention, your speech-language pathologist may engage in conversation, play, and use books, pictures, and other things to aid the language development model. The appropriate phrases and sounds for a youngster of that age using games to teach children how to create particular sounds. 

The doctor may also give advice and assignments on how to conduct speech therapy at home for the kid and the parent or carer.

Speech Therapy for Children in Pune

To evaluate your needs and the most appropriate course of action, adult speech therapy also starts with an assessment. Speech, language, and cognitive communication may benefit from adult speech therapy exercises.

If a sickness or injury, such as Parkinson’s disease or oral cancer, has made swallowing problematic, therapy may also involve retraining swallowing function.

Some possible exercises are :

  • Activities aimed at enhancing cognitive communication include organizing, organizing information, and solving problems.
  • Conversational strategies to enhance interpersonal communication mouth muscles can be strengthened with breathing exercises for resonance.
  • If you wish to practice speech therapy activities at home, there are numerous tools accessible, including:

Workbooks, flip cards, and other toys and activities for language development are all examples of speech therapy.

What happens during speech therapy?

For a child’s unique needs, speech-language therapy is customized. SLPs frequently work on the following abilities:

Awareness of phonetics: SLPs may concentrate on word sounds and rhyming to develop this beginner reading ability. 

Expressing more sophisticated thoughts:  To help children integrate their thoughts in sentences, SLPs may teach “joining words” like and, but, or because.

Expanding one’s vocabulary: By acting out words or using them to create a tale, SLPs can aid children in remembering them.

Communication abilities:  To teach children social cues, SLPs may role-play conversations.


Why choose Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic for speech therapy in Pune?

To help people who struggle with hearing and speech issues, we are committed to providing the best hearing aids and speech therapy services available.

Our clinic was founded by senior audiologist and speech therapist Dr. Sadanand Gore with the goal of offering our clients honest and reliable services. We take pride in giving our patients frank advice so they can choose their hearing aids and speech therapy with confidence.

At the Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic, we provide a variety of audiological and speech services to patients of all ages. We offer a variety of services, such as hearing evaluations, the best hearing aids in Pune, hearing aid maintenance, speech and language therapy, and parent counseling.

FAQ regarding Speech therapy and clinic

It’s time to talk to a specialist if you find your child is not developing at the same rate as their peers. A specialist who treats speech-language difficulties is a speech-language therapist. Those who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of communication impairments are known as speech-language therapists.

The price of treatment varies depending on the specific therapist or the business providing the service. However, the average cost of speech-language treatment in India is between Rs. 800 and Rs. 2500 for each session. 

Speech-language therapists are licensed and skilled specialists that diagnose and treat communication difficulties. Therefore, receiving direction from a speech therapist is essential if you want your child to make the desired improvement.


Speech-language therapy is one term. It simply denotes therapy that aims to enhance speech and language abilities generally. They are closely related to kids who have been diagnosed with  speech-language difficulties. However, because the main focus is on speech skills, speech therapy is known as speech therapy for kids with speech sound abnormalities, resonance disorders, and stuttering.

Speaking and language abilities can be affected by medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. The capacity to speak might also be harmed by mishaps that harm the brain, throat, jaw, or facial structure.

The number of treatments will vary based on the individual and the situation. The speech therapist will go over their treatment strategy for the rehabilitation process after doing a comprehensive assessment.

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