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Pure tone audiometry in Pune 

Pure Tone Audiometry in Pune

Hearing testing is a crucial part of the hearing aid fitting process or decision about ear surgery or a general check-up. It’s a behavioral test used to measure hearing sensitivity. Pure tone audiometry is the main and widely administered test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling the determination of the degree, type, and configuration of a hearing loss and has provided a basis for diagnosis and management. 

In 1899, Carl Seashore introduced the audiometer as an instrument to measure the ‘keenness of hearing’ whether in the laboratory, schoolroom, or office of the psychologist or aurist. The instrument operated on a battery and presented a tone or a click; it had an attenuator set on a scale of 40 steps. The technology of audiometer has progressed over time and now it is widely known as Audiometry and performed by Audiologists.

Pure Tone Audiometry Test in Pune

Pure Tone audiometry requires a sound-treated room, an audiometer, and a qualified Audiologist. The patient is seated in a sound-treated room that is insulated from external noise from all sides. The patient is instructed to press the handheld button whenever he hears a tone. Idea is to understand the levels of soft intensity of tone patients can hear at 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000 Hz, 4000Hz, and 8000Hz. Intensity levels ranges from -10dB to 120 dB. 

 The first set of tests is done with circumaural or insert headphones. These are called air conduction (AC) thresholds. The graph is plotted for the softest sounds. The second set of tones is presented through a bone vibrator which tests the functioning of the inner ear which includes the auditory nerve and cochlea. These are called bone conduction (BC) thresholds. Finally, the graph is plotted which is called an audiogram. Sometimes speakers are used to get free field results.

Pure tone audiometry test in pune

Pure Tone Audiometry Testing in Adults and Senior Citizens in Pune

Hearing test reports in adults are comparatively easy than in children. As adults can simply be instructed to raise their hand or press the button whenever they hear the tone. Audiogram gives information about the degree, type, and configuration of hearing loss. 

There are mainly 6 degrees of hearing loss. 

  1. Normal hearing – 0 to 25 dBHL
  2. Mild hearing loss – 26 to 40 dBHL 
  3. Moderate Hearing loss – 41 to 55 dBHL 
  4. Moderately severe hearing loss – 56 to 70 dBHL 
  5. Severe hearing loss – 71 to 90 dBHL 
  6. Profound hearing loss – Above 90 dBHL


It is calculated on the basis of the Pure tone average which is calculated by taking an average of thresholds at 500Hz, 1000Hz, and 2000Hz.E.g.

The second important piece of information from an audiogram is the degree of hearing loss. It is calculated on the basis of the Pure tone average of air conduction and bone conduction thresholds. 

  1. Conductive hearing loss – When Bone conduction thresholds are normal but air conduction thresholds are affected and the average gap is more than 10 dB. 
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss – When air and bone conduction thresholds are affected and the average gap is less than 10 dB.
  3. Mixed Hearing loss – When both air and bone conduction thresholds are affected and the average gap is more than 10 dB.


Thirdly audiogram also gives information on the configuration of hearing loss. This configuration is basically a description of patterns of hearing thresholds. Some of the common configurations are flat, steeply sloping, sloping, and raising. 

Generally, the pure-tone test rages anywhere between 500/- to 1000/-. At Gore hearing and Speech Clinic, we charge 600/-   

Contact Us for a Pure Tone Audiometry Test in Pune

As you understood the importance of appropriate hearing testing. Gore Hearing and Speech clinic we are equipped with a sound-treated room along with a calibrated audiometer.

Sound-treated room is designed using acoustic wedge panels. These are perforated sheets that are colored in white and help to reflect sounds. There is an extra cushion material between panels which adds to more sound absorption. The person sitting in this room cannot hear outside noises so he can focus only on testing.  We have a calibrated audiometer that helps to do AC and BC testing.

Most importantly we have experience in doing lakhs of audiograms till today. Please call 73044 39044 to book your appointment. The report is handed over immediately and explained all possible treatment options.

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