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Hearing Aid Accessories

As hearing aid is a part of daily wear just like spectacles, we require occasional upkeep to stay in working condition. Some of the accessories are a must to have without which hearing aids can function, some enhance the hearing experiences in the different listening environments while some are helpful to avoid any internal damage to the hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Accessories - Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Every hearing aid requires a power source to operate. Unless you have a rechargeable hearing aid, you are going to need an ongoing supply of disposable hearing aid button batteries. Hearing aid batteries are available in four different sizes. From smallest to largest, these are 10, 312, 13, and 675. Your hearing aids will run on one of these specific types of batteries, and we at Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic provide a small number of batteries to get you started. Batteries use a standardized color-coding system to help ensure you get the right type.

  • Size 10 batteries - yellow
  • Size 312 batteries - brown
  • Size 13 batteries - orange
  • Size 675 batteries - blue

Always carry spare batteries with you so you’re prepared for your day and can keep your hearing aids running without interruption. We also have the facility of home delivery of batteries.

Hearing Aid Accessories - Mould


An earmold is a device worn inserted into the ear for better fitting of behind the ear hearing aid or receiver in the ear hearing aid. Ear moulds are made by taking ear impression and then they are made in labs. They are either soft or hard moulds. Size of mould and venting options are decided by Audiologist as per audiogram configuration.

Hearing aid dryers

Hearing Aid Dryers

All hearing aids come with a free hearing aid dehumidifier. These small and round boxes protect your devices to protect your devices from moisture when you are not wearing them. These specially designed dehumidifiers use a desiccant to draw excess moisture out of the hearing aids and protect them from corrosion and water damage. Simply place your hearing aids inside the dehumidifier after you have cleaned them and seal the container.

Hearing Aid Accessories - Cloth and brush

Clearing Tool

Clearing tool contains a brush and a cloth. Generally Regular cleaning along with routine maintenance from your hearing care provider will keep your hearing aids working reliably and will extend their useful life. These are the most common tools to use for everyday cleaning. Cleaning should be part of daily routine for ling life of hearing aid. Brush has important role in cleaning any debris or ear wax stuck at the sound pore from where sound enters the ears.

Remote Microphone

Remote Microphone

Sometimes it is challenging to hear for hearing aid wearer to hear in noise and at a distance. Some hearing aid wearer has challenges in meetings where people are speaking softly. Remote microphones are Bluetooth enables devices which are connected to hearing aids directly. They also assist in understanding speech in noise. They stream sounds to hearing aids as long as 20 meters. They are designed to keep on flat surface or can be clipped onto your clothing. These are chosen as per lifestyle and hearing requirement of the patient.

Hearing Aid Accessories - TV streamer

TV Streamer

Turning the volume higher may make sound lounder but won’t necessarily make it clearer. TV adaptation is a device that wirelessly transmits sound from your television or other electronic audio device to your hearing aids. In other words, it’s a TV streamer, bringing the audio of the programs you enjoy directly to your ears — conveniently, comfortably, and clearly.

Hearing aid domes

Hearing Aid Domes

Hearing aid domes are like little rubber tips that go on the end of the hearing aid that goes in your ear. They make the hearing aid fit better and sound clearer. The domes come in different sizes and shapes, so they can fit different ears and hearing aids. It's important to change the domes regularly so that your hearing aid works as well as possible. Think of them as tiny earplugs that make your hearing aid work better!


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At Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic, we suggest the required accessories as per the requirement of the patient. Batteries are given free of cost for initial purchase along with a dehumidifier box. The selection of other accessories depends on hearing loss and the lifestyle of the person.

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