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We at Gore Hearing Clinic are ready to hear from you! Our purpose is to support your efforts to improve your hearing and communication by providing you with understanding, empathy, education, and family support. Our interdisciplinary therapeutic approach to the care and rehabilitation of patients with hearing loss allows us to achieve this.

We offer individualized care in addition to the diagnosis, instruction, specially designed equipment, and rehabilitation required to ensure that your hearing healthcare needs are addressed both temporarily and permanently.

In order to guarantee that your hearing aids are appropriately matched to your hearing needs, our audiologists will first listen to your feedback before drawing on all of our training and experience. A collaborative effort if the team is used in the patient’s favour always.

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Gore Hearing Clinic

Welcome to Gore Hearing Clinic, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional hearing healthcare services to our patients. Our clinic is staffed with experienced and licensed audiologists in Hadapsar Pune who are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss. 

We offer a comprehensive range of hearing aid in Hadapsar Pune, including hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus management, and hearing protection. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

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From the large, bulky hearing aids of the past, which frequently had cords dangling from them, hearing aid technology has advanced significantly. You may now modify your hearing aids for various contexts, such as a dinner party, a movie theatre, or a playground, to a variety of functions.

What do audiologists actually do? Who are they?

Everything we do is planned specifically for your personal care. With our flexible hours and knowledgeable staff, it’s simple to fit maintaining your hearing health into a hectic schedule. We give you total assistance with assisted hearing devices as well as comprehensive hearing care services. 

We offer bone conduction, cochlear implant, and pure tone audiometry services. We provide products that are compatible with the newest Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones and other audio equipment. The staff at Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic is prepared to assist you whether you have worn hearing aids for years or believe you may have hearing loss.

Please take a look at the following information if you have a hearing issue. If this is the case, consult an audiologist right away.
  • You speak quite loudly while the other person rarely responds.
  • Hearing-impaired people need very loud volume, whether it’s in music or on TV.
  • Group conversations might help you to communicate clearly.
  • They are omitting certain information while they are talking.
  • If you have a hearing issue, be cautious to refrain from social interaction with others.
  • Talking with someone while feeling ashamed.
  • Hearing difficulties in noisy environments.
Dr. Sadanand Gore best Audiologist in Pune

Services provided by an audiologist

Do you have hearing loss, tinnitus, or an accumulation of earwax and are unsure whether you need to see a doctor? It’s important to identify an audiologist in your region and seek treatment if you have any ear problems, including hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), or impacted earwax. Uncertain about the services an audiologist can offer? The five most popular services provided by an audiologist are listed below, however many can also offer extra assistance.

Hearing tests : 

Make an appointment with a local audiologist if you think you may have hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, the audiologist will be able to identify what pitches and tones you have the most difficulty hearing by administering a battery of hearing tests. To make sure you fully understand the state of your hearing, the audiologist will sit you down and go over your test results.

Hearing aids : 

If you need hearing aids in Pune, audiologists are thoroughly trained and prepared to assist you in choosing the best models for your individual requirements. Your audiologist will utilise the findings from your hearing test to custom fit and programme your hearing aids for your needs once you’ve decided on the pair you want. Additionally, a lot of audiologists offer biannual cleanings, checks, and repairs of your hearing aids if necessary.

Tinnitus : 

Have you experienced ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in one or both of your ears but are unsure of what it is? It’s likely that you have tinnitus. You can get the relief you need from tinnitus thanks to the specialised training that audiologists have in both diagnosis and therapy. Audiologists have a wide range of options at their disposal to assist you in treating your tinnitus, including therapies, masking devices, and hearing aids.

Eliminating earwax : 

Your hearing health may suffer significantly as a result of impacted earwax. Impactions can make it difficult to hear, as well as induce pain, ringing in the ears, and dizziness. Visit one of our audiologists in loni kalbhor who will examine you and  identify if there is an impaction, and remove it painlessly. 

Specific ear protection : 

Do you frequently visit loud settings, such as concerts? Possibly the noise at work is a distraction. Loud noises can damage your hearing and result in hearing loss or tinnitus if they are repeatedly exposed to (or even briefly exposed to) excessively loud bursts of noise. For additional information on the bespoke ear protection that would be most suitable for you, speak with your audiologist.

When it comes to your hearing health, your neighborhood audiologist offers a number of highly useful services. To learn what an audiologist in your region can do to improve your hearing and overall well-being, make an appointment right away!

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Why Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic

Our hearing aid centre in Loni Kalbhor carefully considers each person’s lifestyle in addition to their hearing needs. Make sure the audiologist discusses all of your options before fitting your hearing aid. We continually keep in mind that they are your hearing aids, personalised to meet your unique needs, and that hearing is more important than hearing aids. At the Gore Hearing Clinic, we only suggest hearing aids after doing a thorough analysis of the circumstance.

With its advanced diagnostic equipment, exceptional customer service, dedicated team, and steadfast dedication to offering top-notch medical care, Gore Clinic distinguishes itself from the competition. 

Our specialists will collaborate with you to understand your hearing requirements and develop a solution that fits your way of life. Whether you have a hearing loss or just wish to hear better overall, we have options for everyone.

Dr. Sadanand Gore - Audiologist

Dr. Sadanand Gore is a qualified and informed audiologist who holds both bachelor and graduate degrees. Prior to opening his own practice in 2021, Dr Gore had previously worked in a number of hospitals in Mumbai and Pune. He focuses on three crucial challenges that the hearing aid business must overcome. The first is an erroneous prescription for hearing aids. The “Good-Better-Best” hearing aid selection process was developed by his team at the Gore Clinic and provides at least three possibilities.

Second, he started offering various rebates and no-interest payments to make the exorbitant prices of hearing aids more tolerable for the typical patient. Because he thinks it’s vital to follow up with patients after treatment, Dr. Gore has developed a “Hearing aid care program.”

Dr. Sadanand Gore


ranjana singh
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Love the staff and Dr. Gore. extremely knowledgeable, and I like how he taught me and addressed all of my concerns. Very affordable care is offered, especially for ongoing care.
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They were able to schedule an appointment for me that suited my schedule, and the staff was punctual. They updated my hearing tests to make sure they got the most recent results before placing my new device orders. outstanding as usual service!

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Audiological Evaluation : 

The outcomes of the audiological evaluation are a crucial component in determining the type, number, and necessity of hearing aids. If remediation is necessary, the audiologist will analyse the findings of your assessment and offer several options and recommendations.

Consult an audiologist if you think you could be experiencing hearing loss. An audiologist is qualified to determine if a hearing loss needs medical or non-medical therapy and will, if required, recommend you to the proper medical professional. The audiologist will recognise, identify, treat, and manage your hearing loss.

There are many different types of hearing aids, ranging from those that completely fit inside the ear canal and are barely noticeable to those that fit behind the ear. Due to recent significant advancements in electronic circuitry, patients can now enjoy more comfortable sound environments and have better speech recognition in noisy environments, to mention a few.

The most adaptable hearing aids are digital and programmable ones that can be modified via a computer connection. This enables the audiologist to specifically tailor the device’s response to a certain hearing loss. If your hearing needs alter or if your hearing changes, digital hearing aids can be adjusted. Depending on your demands and your budget, your audiologist will assist you in selecting the ideal instrument.

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