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Meet Dr. Sadanand Gore - Audiologist

Dr. Sadanand Gore is a proficient and knowledgeable audiologist who holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Prior to establishing his own clinic in 2021, he had gained experience working in several hospitals in Mumbai and Pune. Dr. Gore recognizes the significance of addressing three primary challenges that confront the hearing aid industry. The initial concern is an inaccurate hearing aid prescription. To tackle this, Dr. Gore’s team at the Gore Clinic devised the “Good-Better-Best” methodology for selecting hearing aids, which presents a minimum of three alternatives.

Dr. Sadanand Gore - Audiologist

From a Curiosity in Sound to a Career in Audiology: Dr. Sadanand Gore

My sister was a teacher for children with hearing loss in a small village called Vairag (Dist. Solapur). As a kid, I got a chance to meet and interact with children with hearing loss. Their communication style always fascinated me. So, I decided to take a path and I became the first Audiologist and Speech therapist in my town.

In the last 10 years, I served in different hospitals in Pune and Mumbai. In 2021, I decided to start serving patients through a full-time private clinic. I put all my experience and learnings of the last 10 years into designing and operating the clinic. I saw main three challenges which need to be solved in the hearing health area.

Firstly,  wrong prescriptions for hearing aids for the patient. Patients were recommended mostly costly hearing aid to the patient.  Patients were not given choices. Hence, I designed the ‘Good- better-best model’. Here I recommended at least three choices of hearing aids. Secondly, the high costs of hearing aids were the issue. Though I cannot control the cost, we brought various offers and no-cost EMI options for patients. This made hearing aid purchases less burdensome. 

Thirdly and most importantly, nobody wants to talk to patients once the hearing aid purchase is done. The patient did not have any platform to share his usage experience and solve issues. I designed the ‘Hearing aid care program’ which was an active follow-up system from the clinic to make sure every patient is using hearing aids regularly. This was a huge success and patients appreciated that we are doing follow-ups as long as they have a hearing aid.

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We take a patient-centered approach to your care, focusing on open communication and patient education to empower you to make informed decisions about your hearing health. With our commitment to excellence and compassionate care, you can trust us to provide the expert hearing solutions you need to live your best life.

My mother was having hearing problem since last 6 months. Speech was unclear for her. I showed her to Dr Gore and he suggested rechargeable hearing aid of signia company. He did proper trial and also considered her lifestyle . She is now happy to use two hearing aid. She also changes volume from mobile app. We are very satisfied with her hearing.

    Shadab Shaikh

    Using rechargeable hearing aids for both ears. Able to hear sound clearly. Phone has direct streaming for phone . Hence I take phone calls with hearing aids. Clinic is always in touch after taking hearing aids from them for any services or problem.Satisfied with services. Highly recommend.

      Nema Mamoowala

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