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Do you have any hearing loss? Do you find it difficult to follow conversations in noisy settings? Have you heard recommendations to have your hearing tested?

You may be missing important sounds and not know them. Here we are to help you with your hearing issues through various hearing tests. 

Healthcare professionals use hearing tests to identify hearing loss. Tests for hearing don’t hurt and don’t require specific preparation. There are various hearing tests available that detect hearing loss using various methods. Hearing tests can be used to check your hearing or to determine whether you have any hearing problems.

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Tympanometry is a test for identifying disorders of the middle ear structure. Tympanometry measures the pressure difference of the pathology on the tympanic membrane. Through the instrument, we get different types of tympanogram like type B, type C type a type Cs. Each type of tympanogram is indicative of certain middle ear pathology like otosclerosis, middle ear effusion, thin tympanic membrane, or middle ear perforation. Tympanometry cannot be used as an exclusive test, but it is always used as a correlative test along with pure tone audiometry. 

Bone Conduction Audiometry

Bone Conduction Audiometry

Bone conduction audiometry is a part of pure tone audiometry where a patient is made to wear a bone vibrator. This bone vibrator directly stimulates the auditory nerve thus bypassing the external and middle ear. Through bone conduction audiometry tests, we can understand the pathology and degree of hearing loss of the auditory nerve and cochlea. Bone conduction audiometry helps to differentiate between conductive, mixed, and sensorineural hearing loss. Normally all bone conduction thresholds should be better than 20 decibels for frequencies between 250 Hz and four 4 kHz.

Oto Acoustic Emissions

Oto Acoustic Emissions

OAE is a test that measures the functioning of inner and outer hair cells of the cochlea. It is majorly used for children under five years of age. Oto acoustic emission is a screening test that gives either pass or refers to test results. In this test, the OAE instrument is used to send signals to your ear and the instrument mic picks up the sound coming from the ear. There are different types of OAE for example TEPAE and DPOAE. OAE is an important tool for the universal newborn hearing screening program.




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Hearing Aid Programming

hearing aid has no value if it is not programmed well. Nowadays almost all hearing aids are digitally programmable. Sometimes, though patients have good-quality hearing aids, it does not give optimum output just because they are not programmed well. It is like having a good DSLP camera but being unable to click good pictures as the camera person is naïve. 

At Gore Hearing and Speech Clinic, we have the expertise and equipment required to program different company hearing aids. If you have been using hearing aids for many years and you shifted to Pune recently, you can connect with us to program your own hearing aid. With hearing aid programming the same hearing aid can give you a different and better outcome increasing hearing aid satisfaction.  


Earmold Making

The ear mold is a custom-made device that helps to keep the hearing aid, especially behind the ear hearing aid, firmly in the ear. The ear mold is suggested if the patient is using the ear hearing aid. Continuous ear discharge or deformed ear pinna or contraindications for making ear mold. At Gore Hearing and speech clinic, we take a safe and quick ear impression of the patient, and it is sent to a lab to make a mold. If you are needing a hearing aid and feel that you need to make ear mold, please contact us. 

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

As a hearing aid is an electronic equipment it might have technical issues which have to be resolved to resume the hearing. Most of the time hearing aids can be repaired at the clinic level if not, they are sent to their respective labs in Mumbai. If they are within warranty. Then they are repaired free of cost, if not they are sent to the lab and the estimate is informed to the patient. We provide repair facilities to almost all leading brands of hearing aids.  


Speech Evaluation and Therapy

Speech Evaluation and Therapy

For any speech and language issue for a child or an adult, it is mandatory to have a thorough evaluation. A speech therapist helps to identify exact diagnoses through case history and behavioral observation along with a few formal tests. At our clinic, we provide speech therapy for patients with delayed speech and language, mental challenges, hearing challenges, autism, or any other causes leading to language delays.







BERA/ ABR Testing

BERA/ ABR Testing

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry test is a physiological test used to identify the degree of hearing loss, mostly in pediatric cases. As children cannot voluntarily tell if they or cannot hear sounds presented through headphones, BERS helps to trace responses without the active participation of the child. Bera is commonly used for children between zero to five years of age. In this test, the child is given mild sedation and made to sleep for 20 to 30 minutes. 

He is attached with non-invasive electrodes to pick up the signals from his skull generated from auditory signals from the headphone he is wearing. Though the Bera test cannot give the exact thresholds like in pure tone audiometry, it gives a fair understanding of the degree of hearing loss. Bera results can be correlated with behavioral thresholds to find the degree of hearing loss and the decision about hearing aid and cochlear implant rehabilitation process.  

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry is a standardized test for getting the complete picture of the hearing status of a person. Pure tone audiometry requires an audiometer, a sound-treated room, and a professional audiologist to conduct this test. As a part of this test procedure, the patient is seated in a sound-treated room and he is made to wear a circumaural headphone. He is instructed to press a button whenever he hears sound presented through an audiometer. 

Hearing testing is conducted at 250 Hz, 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz, and 8000 Hz. The audiologist measured the lowest level at which there was consistent response from the patient for tones of different frequencies. A graph is plotted which is called an Audiogram. Pure tone audiometry helps to identify the type and degree of hearing loss. It can be done on anybody above 5 years of age. 




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Hearing Aid Care Program

The hearing aid care program is specially designed to program by Dr. Sadanand Gore with his 10-plus years of experience with patients using hearing aids. Once a hearing aid is bought, it does not end the hearing aid treatment process. It is important that the patient has to be in touch with the audiology Center for any follow-ups. At our clinic, we do actively follow up with all patients who have bought hearing aid from our clinic. Follow-up is designed in such a way that it avoids any kind of trouble or issues that can happen in the near future. In the first month, we educate patients about the use of care and maintenance of new hearing aid.

He also helped to assist the patient to start using a hearing aid in quiet and slowly shift to noisy surroundings. After the first month every six months, we do a follow-up and schedule a free follow-up visit at a clinic to check up for hearing aid health. We also assist in solving the patients' queries over the phone. Remote telecare is an integral part of hearing aid care programs which enables patients to do hearing aid programming without visiting the clinic. This new approach has given a higher success rate than the previous hearing aid treatment traditional program.

Health care experts who assess, identify, manage, and treat hearing loss, as well as other hearing ailments like tinnitus and balance issues, are the audiologist. A master’s degree in audiology is the minimal requirement for an audiologist.

If you experience any of the signs of hearing loss, you should schedule a thorough hearing test and examination with a hearing care provider or certified hearing instrument specialist to know about your hearing status. 

Understanding typical speech might be difficult, even with mild hearing loss. Many senior citizens will avoid social events as a result, which can induce loneliness and despair.

So consult your doctor as soon as possible if you face any trouble in hearing. 

To correct your hearing loss, Hearing aids come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and brands today, and the one you choose will depend on your personal requirements and way of life. During our hearing evaluation, we do an assessment of this and collaborate with you to choose the best device.

Sensorineural, Conductive, and Mixed hearing loss are the three different categories. Hearing aids are typically used to treat sensorineural hearing loss, which is brought on by nerve injury. In most cases, conductive hearing loss is caused by an issue with the inner ear, eardrum, or ear canal and necessitates medical intervention.

In order to complete a full audiological assessment, takes around 1 hour.

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