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6 Best Audiologists in Pune

Many people are unaware of what an audiologist does until they actually need one. Both older and younger people in India experience hearing loss. The hearing condition can affect anyone, from newborns to adults. An audiologist in Pune is a specialist who diagnoses and treats hearing disorders. His BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology) certification is required. Under the Rehabilitation Council of India, it is a 4.5-year programme. So get in touch with the best audiologist for your hearing evaluations. 

Since hearing health is of utmost importance to our daily lives, it should not get ignored when it comes to our general well-being. There are audiologists in Pune that are committed to giving their patients the best possible hearing health.

Audiologists in Pune {Introduction}

You need an audiologist if you have hearing issues in any situation. Let’s say you’ve noticed that you need to raise the TV volume or ask someone to repeat themselves. At that moment, it makes sense to schedule a quick appointment with an audiologist.

Nevertheless, some people are unaware that they are experiencing hearing problems until they receive a notice of the issue. While many people would prefer to deny having a hearing issue and refuse to get therapy, this is the preferred course of action. Then, as more people experience communication issues, they determine that they need to see an audiologist in Pune for some hearing treatment.

If you have a hearing problem, please review the points below. If so, seek immediate advice from an audiologist.
  • You always talk loudly while the other person is responding very little.
  • On TV or in music, hearing-impaired folks require very loud volume.
  • Find clear communication in group discussions.
  • While discussing, they are missing some things.
  • Make sure to avoid social interaction with others if you have a hearing impairment.
  • Chatting to someone while feeling embarrassed.
  • Having trouble hearing in crowded areas.

Qualities to look for best audiologist :

An audiologist’s career depends on having a degree and suitable experience, but there are six qualities that will take an audiologist from good to exceptional.

Do you possess the skills necessary to compete with the industry’s top audiologist?

Given that an estimated 430 million individuals worldwide suffer from debilitating hearing loss, audiology is a vitally essential field of study.

Audiologists are educated to recognize and treat hearing loss as well as other conditions like tinnitus, Behind-the-Ear vs In-The-Ear balance issues, etc., enabling those who suffer from these conditions to communicate and interact with their environment more effectively.

1. Compassion :

It’s crucial to treat individuals with kindness in all healthcare roles, including audiology. Audiologists perform tests, diagnose conditions, educate patients on available treatments, and suggest future actions.

Audiologists must approach each patient as an individual and show empathy for their particular problems, concerns, financial situation, etc. Being “just” good at the diagnostics portion of the job is insufficient.

Being amiable, sympathetic, approachable, and caring are also essential.  Customers should respect and trust you and feel that you genuinely care about them.  Customers could feel uncomfortable if you’re “all business” and lack charm and sympathy. Away from you, they won’t come back.

2. Powerful communication abilities :

Another essential quality that audiologists should possess is excellent communication skills. You can help your clients feel more at ease and relaxed by clarifying what you’ll be doing during the assessment.

Once a diagnosis has been made, it must be communicated to the patient in straightforward language rather than using technical industry jargon. For instance, if you discover they have a hearing impairment, they may have anxiety over the diagnosis and be daunted by the variety of hearing aid options available. 

In a way, they can easily comprehend, and describe which solutions would be the best and why you are recommending them. When they choose a hearing aid, talk to them about its upkeep, including cleaning and storing it, being careful not to overwhelm them with information.

3. Abilities to solve issues :

Every appointment includes lots of problem-solving time. Audiologists must apply critical thinking abilities to analyse each circumstance, identify the problem, and come up with a suitable solution when clients come in with hearing loss or other problems.

Be ready to perform numerous tests to identify the issue, even in more complicated scenarios. Additionally, decide where to refer the client if the problem necessitates the services of a specialist or another medical expert. Be sure to include a justification for this referral. 

Additionally, use your problem-solving abilities to provide an alternative option if the consumer is not responding well to the solution you initially offered, such as a certain type of hearing aid Maintenance Tips.

4. Patience :

Numerous patients need particular consideration. They may want a lot of confidence because they are maybe feeling concerned (or relieved) about the hearing exam and/or diagnosis. They may have numerous inquiries concerning their diagnosis and available therapies.

The several hearing aid options may have confused them, in which case you will need to restate the details of each alternative. Audiologists should be kind to their patients and offer them the space and assurance they require.

While being on time is vital, you also can’t rush the hearing test and leave your clients with a bad impression.  Customers want an audiologist that is considerate and friendly, offering the finest options depending on their needs.

5. Time management skills :

Although it may not initially appear to be the most crucial quality, effective time management is definitely something to watch for. If your audiologist routinely runs late, you won’t be able to predict when your appointment will start and end, which can be challenging if you have a job, kids to take care of, or other obligations.

Naturally, you don’t want your appointments to start late and run long even if you have the full day to yourself and have scheduled one with an audiologist; it displays a level of unprofessionalism and can negatively impact your day.

How to choose the right audiologist :

The correct professional in the hearing sector can be difficult to find these days. Many non-professional individuals identify themselves as audiologists. A person with a diploma claimed to be an audiologist as well. Only BASLP degree holders are eligible to work as the top audiologist in Pune with the DHLS diploma, which has a one-year duration.

In contrast, several locations now have open hearing centers. The patient in this case had an accurate diagnostic of hearing loss and an appropriate device fit.

The choice of the top audiologist in Pune for effective treatment presents a big obstacle if you have any hearing issues.
  • Before choosing an audiologist, find out the Rehabilitation of Council India certification number and check his credentials first.
  • You were offered a free hearing test and home visit by several non-professionals. To verify the reputation of the centre and an expert’s experience at that time.
  • You can read customer reviews that have been posted online.
  • You can look up recommendations in your neighbourhood or among your friends.
  • I advise you to select the local preference while selecting an audiologist for hearing treatment.
  • Get the second opinion for sure.

Here Are Top 6 audiologist's in Pune

Audiologists in Pune

1. Gore Hearing and speech clinic – Dr. Sudanand Gore :

Dr. Sadanand Gore is a proficient and knowledgeable audiologist who holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Prior to establishing his own clinic in 2021, he had gained experience working in several hospitals in Mumbai and Pune. Dr. Gore recognizes the significance of addressing three primary challenges that confront the hearing aid industry.

The initial concern is an inaccurate hearing aid machine prescription. To tackle this, Dr. Gore’s team at the Gore Clinic devised the “Good-Better-Best” methodology for selecting hearing aids, which presents a minimum of three alternatives.

  • Experienced and educated audiologist
  • Use of latest research and technology
  • Comprehensive hearing and speech services
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Focus on patient education and communication
  • “Good-Better-Best” hearing aid selection methodology.

2. The Hearing Solutions Clinic's – Dr. Neha Sharma.

Dr Neha Sharma is a well-known expert in the field of audiology and runs the Hearing Solutions Clinic in Hadapsar. She treats each of her patients with compassion and individual attention, specialising in diagnostic tests, hearing aids, and rehabilitation services.

Dr. Sharma’s dedication to remaining current with audiology’s most recent developments ensures that her patients receive the best possible care.

3. Auditory Care Clinic's – Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh

The renowned audiologist at Auditory Care Clinic, Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, is committed to helping people in Hadapsar hear better.

Dr. Deshmukh provides thorough audiological evaluations, hearing aid fittings, and tinnitus care. He has a plethora of knowledge. Each patient receives specialized solutions for their unique demands thanks to his patient-centered approach and cutting-edge technology.

4. SoundLife Hearing Care Center – Dr. Sneha Shah:

Leading audiologist Dr. Sneha Shah is dedicated to provide top-notch hearing healthcare services at SoundLife Hearing Care Centre. Dr. Shah provides diagnostic assessments, hearing aid advice, and auditory training courses with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention.

She has established a reputation as one of Hadapsar’s top audiologists thanks to her knowledge and commitment.

5. Sai Shraddha Speech and Hearing Clinic – Dr. Abhijit Raut.

Dr. Abhijit Raut is renowned for his comprehensive approach to hearing health at Sai Shraddha Speech and Hearing Clinic. Dr. Raut aims to enable his patients to overcome hearing difficulties by utilizing his skills in diagnostic audiology, hearing aid fittings, and auditory rehabilitation.

He is a dependable option for people looking for outstanding hearing care because of his patient-centric philosophy and dedication to continued assistance.

6. The Hearing Center – Dr. Ritu Sinha:

The Hearing Center’s highly qualified audiologist, Dr. Ritu Sinha, is passionate about assisting people in maximising their hearing capabilities.

Dr. Sinha offers comprehensive evaluations, cutting-edge hearing aid alternatives, and rehabilitative services with a focus on individualised solutions. Her commitment to patient education and aftercare guarantees sustained success in maintaining hearing health.


It’s crucial to seek the advice of the top audiologists in Pune, when it comes to your hearing health. These medical specialists, including Gore hearing clinic, Dr Sudanand, Dr. Neha Sharma, Rajesh Deshmukh, Sneha Shah, Abhijit Raut, and Ritu Sinha, are dedicated to offering top-notch hearing care.

These audiologists offer the training, experience and compassion to assure your hearing health and better quality of life, whether you need a diagnostic evaluation, hearing aid fitting, or rehabilitation services. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with them for specialised assistance and support while you pursue better hearing.

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